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The Original Aussie Neighbours Community

since 2004

The Aussie Fans of Neighbours Community
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A community for Aussie fans of Neighbours.

Some ground rules:

1. Spoilers - anything from an episode that's already aired on Australian TV is fair game and doesn't need to be cut. However, if you want to post spoilers about upcoming storylines, then by all means do so, but put it behind a cut.

2. Be polite to each other. This community is (hopefully) for discussion, so there will be differing viewpoints. You may bitch about the characters/character's actions on the show but strictly no personal attacks on other members.

3. Don't make any off-topic posts. If it hasn't got anything to do with Neighbours or past/present actors on the show or anything else affiliated with Neighbours (use your common sense) at all, then take it elsewhere. However, if a legitimate post spawns an off-topic discussion, then that's fair enough and you can talk about it.

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